Dr. Leslee Stradford was born in Chicago Illinois.  She grew up in Hyde Park one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods, the home of: The University of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, DuSable Museum of African American History and our 44th U.S. President - Barack Obama.

Artist and educator

After earning her ‘Bachelor of Fine Arts’ and ‘Bachelor of Art Education’ from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, (SAIC) Stradford became part of the Artist-In-Residence program for the City of Chicago.  One of 20 visual artists chosen to create art for the City’s permanent collection.  Upon completing her Master of Fine Arts degree from SAIC, she earned her Doctorate in Art Education and Educational Administration from Illinois State University.

International experience

Stradford taught at the American Language Center in Casablanca Morocco, North Africa.  She was asked to deliver a lecture at Oxford University,  England,  on “The Two Cultures” by C.P. Snow on Arts and Humanities vs. Math and Science.  Stradford’s studies and practices in 2010 have taken her to Florence Italy  ‘Studio Arts Center International’ and  to accept a prestigious position as an Artist In Residence at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing China.

Leslee has developed a style

of making art that includes social, cultural and historical documentation.  It is some times figurative, sometimes abstract, sometimes both.  Using new technology, photographic research, and drawing, she creates digital images, painted canvases and  printed silks.


Welcome to my world in pictures

Current Positions:

CEO  JHS.Arts Foundation

Exhibiting Artist

  1. -drstradford@gmail.com


TransExpress East & West

Red Gate Gallery hosts:

Beijing, Mongolia, Russia.

a transcontinental traveling exhibition  2012 - 2014 - Hampton University, Va. 2016

June Steingart Gallery Ca. 2017